Friday Night Theory

Sticky Institute
16 August 2014
Friday Night Theory is a film comprised entirely of found footage, made to accompany the zine Huffin’ Textas: A Secret History of Dexter Fletcher.

The zine and the film are about the Manic Street Preachers and the Mekons; the 1984–85 UK Miners’ Strike and the 1811–12 Luddite rebellion; the Ken Loach film Kes and gang dreams; collaborative art and revolutionary friendship: “One of the central contradictions of my life is my equal fidelity to pop music and radical politics. Each has taught me a great deal about the other, but I know in my heart that should the world I dream about ever be brought into being, pop music as I’ve loved it would cease to exist.”

Friday Night Theory is soundtracked by the Newport Dolls and Dexter Fletcher. The Newport Dolls were recorded live at Sticky Institute at the Melbourne launch of Huffin’ Textas zine and the inaugural screening of Friday Night Theory. Readers at the launch were: Thomas Blatchford, Lou Smith, Tom Sevil and Luke Sinclair.

Huffin’ Textas was originally published in May 2014, as part of Dexter Fletcher’s exhibition Redressers Forever.

Luddites vs. Thatcherites. That’s the history of all our dreams.

Dexter Fletcher is a mysterious revolutionary feminist art gang, membership two.

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