Fully Automated Dexter Fletcher (Beta Version)

55 Sydenham Rd
2–18 February 2018
Fully Automated Dexter Fletcher (Beta Version) is a game that enables those who play it to create artworks as Dexter Fletcher. Fully Automated Dexter Fletcher is an enquiry into the basic philosophy of games. Is it possible to create a set of rules that can be followed in order to produce work indistinguishable from Dexter Fletcher’s existing artworks? The final version of Fully Automated Dexter Fletcher will be a game that can be distributed to other people, who, as players of the game, can create Dexter Fletcher artworks, thus expanding the membership and production capacities of Dexter Fletcher, potentially without end.

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Photos by Joshua Morris

Dexter Fletcher is a mysterious revolutionary feminist art gang, membership two.

PO Box 4
Enmore NSW 2042